Vip Program

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Statuksen saavuttamisen ehdot

Kerää Urheilupisteitä (SP) ja saa VIP-etuoikeuksia.

0-100 SPStatuksen saavuttaminen
Ei mitäänPalkinto statuksen saavuttamisesta
30% Keskiviikon uudelleenlatausbonusBonuskoodi: VIPGREEN
1:20Vihreiden pisteiden vaihtokurssi
0%Maanantain käteispalautus
101-300 SPStatuksen saavuttaminen
€25 + 50 FSPalkinto statuksen saavuttamisesta
40% Keskiviikon uudelleenlatausbonusBonuskoodi: VIPGREEN
1:18Vihreiden pisteiden vaihtokurssi
3% viikoittainMaanantain käteispalautus
301-700 SPStatuksen saavuttaminen
€75 + 100 FSPalkinto statuksen saavuttamisesta
50% Keskiviikon uudelleenlatausbonusBonuskoodi: VIPGREEN
1:16Vihreiden pisteiden vaihtokurssi
5% viikoittainMaanantain käteispalautus
701-2000 SPStatuksen saavuttaminen
€100 + 125 FSPalkinto statuksen saavuttamisesta
60% Keskiviikon uudelleenlatausbonusBonuskoodi: VIPGREEN
1:15Vihreiden pisteiden vaihtokurssi
7% viikoittainMaanantain käteispalautus
2001 SP ja enemmänStatuksen saavuttaminen
€200 + 150 FSPalkinto statuksen saavuttamisesta
80% Keskiviikon uudelleenlatausbonusBonuskoodi: VIPGREEN
1:12Vihreiden pisteiden vaihtokurssi
10% viikoittainMaanantain käteispalautus
VIP policy

We value players who set new records. That's why we've established a special reward system for those striving for the top! All levels come with benefits, starting from zero points.

We reserve additional VIP features exclusively for our top two statuses: Winner and Champion. The more Sports Points (SP) you gather, the nearer you come to elevating your status.

Personal VIP manager

We value all our privileged players. Your personal manager is always available to ensure you experience the utmost comfort and receive the best service.

This option is available for players with status Winner and Champion. Your personal managers have already been waiting for you!

Prompt Payments

Protecting your interests is a top priority for us. One of our key roles is to facilitate quick and nearly limitless withdrawals. VIP players enjoy exclusive payout privileges.

We always seek to provide you with the best service and minimize the waiting time for your withdrawals.

Increased percentage of cashback and point exchange

The higher your status at GreenSpin, the more rewarding your gameplay. You'll receive a much better Green Points (GP) exchange rate, higher cashbacks and VIP personal bonuses.

Simply climb the status ranks to unlock all the available benefits!

Exclusive promotions and private tournaments

We aim to maximize your enjoyment by organizing special promotions and tournaments exclusively for players who've achieved Marathoner status or higher.

Enjoy exclusive offers!

Gifts for Birthdays

We take joy in making your birthday special! GreenSpin ensures that this significant day in your life is marked with a delightful surprise.

For every €10 you deposit (or its currency equivalent), you secure 1 Sports Point (SP). Note that SPs are earned and are non-exchangeable.

For more information regarding VIP and Loyalty Program visit Bonus Terms And Conditions.

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