Our team at GreenSpin Casino considers responsible gaming an essential attribute of its best customer service policy. We want to become the most reliable and safe place where you can only get pleasure from games and entertainment.

At the same time, we understand that it is not always possible to control the degree of our involvement in gambling and stop in time. We advise you to read this section, which will help you maintain control over your emotions and actions, as well as avoid the depressing problems that can lead to excessive passion for gambling.


The main hallmarks of addiction are:

  1. you began to lose interest in communication and meetings with family, native and friends;
  2. you stopped giving time to your hobbies and interests;
  3. the game began to interfere with your studies or work;
  4. you began to conflict with your surrounding because of games;
  5. you spend more money on the game than you can afford;
  6. you play until you spend all the money;
  7. you fall into despair and depression due to losses;
  8. you try to win back at all costs if you lose.

If you observe at least one of these signs, then you are most likely experiencing addiction.


We recommend you follow these tips:

  1. Try to realize the moment that gambling is just a way to have fun and have a good time, not a way to make money.
  2. Try to stop on time, do not try to win back if you lose.
  3. Use for the game only the money that you can afford to spend on these goals.
  4. Track how much time you spend playing games. Do not let games take your time with your family, native, friends, hobbies or other areas of your life.
  5. If you would like to share your concerns with someone and get more tips on how to avoid gambling addiction, contact one of the organizations listed below.

We have put together a list of organizations that will help you deal with the problem of gambling addiction.

  • Gamblers Anonymous:
  • Gambling Therapy:
  • GameCare:
  • Keep It Fun:
  • Ambulante Behandlungseinrichtung SPIELSUCHTHILFE:
  • Café Beispiellos:

If you feel that you need a break from gambling, please contact us at or the online support service, and we will help you limit the game for a while.

Self-exclusion means that your account will remain closed for a certain period. Remember that the creation of multi-accounts is prohibited by the rules of the casino. If you try to create a new account, it will be blocked.

If you are considering the option of self-exclusion, please remember that you should contact all the gambling establishments in which you have accounts and ask that you be also blocked there.

In addition, we recommend that you pay attention to installing software that will allow you to block access to gambling sites, for example: or

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