VIP policy

VIP policy

We are proud of players who break new sports records. That's why we've developed a special reward system for those who strive to reach greater playing heights! You can find more details about our VIP policy here.

In our online casino there are 4 VIP statuses: Sportsman, Marathoner, Winner and Champion.

VIP players enjoy the following privileges:

  • Personal manager - here to make your experience with us the most comfortable and to provide you with the best service possible.
  • Higher green-points exchange rate
  • Cashback up to 10%
  • Special bonuses for every new VIP status
  • Quick payouts - VIP players have special payout privileges!
  • Exclusive promotions and private tournaments!
  • Gifts for Birthday and other holidays!
  • Real gifts

Bonus conditions apply to this promotion.

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